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When you tap your own, it definitely tastes better!

BEER TOWER 3 l CZK 740 / 5 l CZK 1 150


American Pale 11°, 4.8 % alcohol content

Fat Cat is a top-fermented gold beer. It has a strong citrus taste and distinctive aroma. It’s lightly drinkable and refreshing.

The curiosity about the FatCat beer is that it’s „dry hopped“. It means that brewers add other hops after the main fermentation process to create the greater hoppy taste.

This unique recipe was created by brewmaster Jan Rada exclusively for us.

Used hops:

Columbus - very wide spectrum of aromas, reflected by spicy curry and tobacco flavour, complemented by a touch of lemongrass, orange peel, vanilla and marzipan.

Citra - as the name suggests this hops if full of citrus aroma provided by grapefruit and lime, complemented by a hint of tropical fruit. According to experts. this aromatic variety has a great future.

Casacade - an aromatic variety of hops with balanced bitterness, floral spicy and citrus aroma

Amarillo - has recently become one of the most widely used hops in craft breweries. It has a distinctive aroma of citrus and grapefruit, melon and apricot. It is commonly used as a "dual purpose" - a method of hopping for bitterness and aroma.

The beer has been brewed since 2006 in the Sokolov Brewery PERMON. After five years the brewery was modernized and acquired "brewing law" by the town Sokolov. In addition to traditional unpasteurised and unfiltered beers, they brew also some beer specialities. The beers are sold not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Producing of the PERMON beer, "Permonics" try to build on the tradition of brewing in the Sokolov region. The technical solution of the production technology was based on historical sources. The breweries were constructed according to craft bases so that the beer could be cooked traditionally. It means according to the tried-and-tested recipes for classic brewing technology with open fermentation rooms and long-term maturation.

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